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Duct & Carpet Expert specializes in keeping your home a clean and healthy place to live. We are proud to be DMV's highest rated air duct & carpet cleaning company.

✓ We include everything you will need to get the carpet as clean as possible, no additional fees or changes in price like the other companies

✓ We offer optional Guaranteed Pet Odor removal, removing urine from not only the carpet but the pad as well

✓ You never have to worry about bait and switch with our company, we have perfect ratings on every website

✓ Our pricing is available right here on our website and is clear and concise

✓ There are no surprises, all you get is great service and clean carpet

How We Clean Carpet

We begin by inspecting the areas you want cleaned, identifying the carpet type and finding spots, stains and areas of concern.
Move Furniture
As an option, we will move light movable furniture before cleaning.
We apply an emulsifier treatment, tailored for your carpeting type and soiling level. Our cleaning products are 100% environmentally safe and non-toxic.
Your carpets are buffed with our state-of-the-art scrubbing machine to break dirt, soil and grease loose from the carpet fibers.
Hot Water Extraction
Your carpet is rinsed using our truck-mounted system, which pumps 240-degree water into the carpet. A fine spray of hot water is applied to your carpet and immediately sucked out along with the dirt (steam clean).
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Duct & Carpet Expert is dedicated to providing you with the most advanced and thorough carpet cleaning service DMV and the surrounding areas. We use the most advanced, truck-mounted steam cleaning, and low moisture equipment to ensure your carpets are cleaned better and dry faster than other.

Why does our equipment clean better than the machines most companies advertise? Our system uses hot water and steam heated to over 250 degrees along with very high suction so dirt is removed from your carpets and the heat sanitizes it. This allows for more water and dirt to be removed, leaving your carpets cleaner and dryer!

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